Monday, February 10, 2014
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Tourism in Peru
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Balneario - Punta Sal - Tumbes

Punta Sal is a resort located in the department of Tumbes, Admiral Villar Province, in the newly created district of Canoas Punta Sal in northern Peru. It is a small resort with good hotels. The surface of the beach is very irregular, reaching high tide to the edge of the homes located south of the resort. During low tide are exposed sandy beaches. Due to its location, Punta Sal enjoys sunshine throughout the year. Its waters are warm, generally exceeding 20 ° C. It is near the limit distribution of the Tropical Eastern Pacific region that has a great diversity of wildlife tropical.Para reach Punta Sal, starting from Tumbes, you can do, taking the special service offered by carriers or service taking public that is more economical and also covers the same route, impossible to get lost, just ask off at Punta Sal and there will be waiting for our friends the mototaxistas, which will take you to the most famous beach of the Panamerican North Perú.De the spa Punta Sal is a distance of no more than a mile and a half.

Address : Balneario - Punta Sal - Piura
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