Friday, January 10, 2014
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Playa San Pedro

The beach of San Pedro is located at Km 31 of the Panamericana south of Lima, district of Lurin. In the district of Lurin are haciendas, archeology, native foods distraction horses native traditions of Peru. (Pachamanca, tamales, chicharrones, fried fish dishes among others).
The weather is not too humid with 18 ° c on average despite being a coastal district
The beach of San Pedro district of Lurin belongs where beaches are adjacent to the Octopus, Arica, beaches that are ideal for this sport, there is a local district club called "strong wave" organized tournaments from time to time, inviting athletes from different parts of Lima, and even other departments of Peru, in this district, there have been Bodyboard Championships International, although not widely, but not unimportant, since the Bodyboard is a sport with a great future for both International men and women, perhaps in the not too distant future have a Bodyboard World Champion, Sofia Mulanovich style surfer of our neighboring district of Punta Hermosa.

Address : Km. 38 de la panamericana sur
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