Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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Qenqo - Cusco

Qenko for many archaeologists would have been a ceremonial center and place of ritual significance since it has an amphitheater with 19 niches and has a form of admission into the subterranean labyrinth also at the top has rituals and channels carved figures.
 The visit to the Inca archaeological remains left more doubts than answers, because in all its construction we see messages from their possible significance of magical-religious.
 Description: Integrates this site, a semicircular courtyard defined by a parameter isometric some great niches that surround a stone or thin-walled Wanka locked in a closet, is a kind of image within its own chapel. The mummy of Pachacuteq and relatives that I find in Toqokachi Ondegardo Polo was housed in Q'enko possibly.

Address : A 7 kms. Al nordeste de la ciudad de Cusco
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